I always loved photography, since my six years I shoot. I started with a Kodak roll camera. For an unknown reason, I stopped this in my childhood and returned only when I was at the University. I had one year of photography classes in University (Canon Analogic). I learned how to reveal a film and a lot of things about speed, angle, and all those techniques. In 2004 Digital Cameras was very expensive in the Brazilian Market and, unfortunately, I don’t have enough money to buy one.


Sometime later, in 2008, after saving a lot of coins, I had money enough to buy my first Digital Camera. My Nikon D80 (it remains with me and it’s my “baby”).


Since 2004 I had a lot of freelancers in the entertainment market, including music concerts. In 2008, after buying my Nikon D80, I had the opportunity to shoot some Japanese Music Concerts (Miyavi, Charlotte, An Cafe and Dir en Grey).


In 2010 I started work on TIME FOR FUN, the biggest entertainment company in Latin America and the fourth in the world. I had the opportunity to start a lot of new projects and shoot the most incredible entertainment presentations. From Jonas Brothers to U2 360° and Cirque du Soleil.